Birthday cake on dinosaur party plates and napkins

Freddie's Dino-tastic Birthday Party

I tend to associate birthdays with warm weather. Everyone in my family, except for my son, Freddie, has a summer birthday. Freddie’s birthday is at the end of January which in Toronto is a cold and often gloomy month with short days and big snow dumps.

Freddie admiring his birthday party set up including dinosaur party kit and train cake

His second birthday was a low-key event (read: pandemic) with just our family and a close family friend, who also happens to be a cake-maker-extraordinaire. She created the most incredible vanilla and chocolate train cake complete with 4 carriages, cookie wheels, liquorice train tracks, and popcorn “smoke”. It was truly next level.

Freddie admiring his train birthday cake and dinosaur party kit

I was excited to see Freddie’s face when we unveiled this masterpiece, but I was equally excited to serve his birthday cake using the Dinosaur party kit - it was so darn cute! I have to admit, he caught a peek of it on my counter a week before his birthday and I couldn’t resist letting him walk around the house with the adorable paper carry bag the kit comes in. The bag has a window so you can see the plate inside and he repeatedly said “ROAR!” after spotting the stegosaurus! Why are toddlers so obsessed with dinosaurs? I don’t know, but this kit was the perfect addition to his elaborate cake.

Dinosaur print party plates and train cake

Everything inside it (the plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and candles) are adorable in a way that is pleasing to both kids and adults.

Freddie smiling at his dinosaur party cup with blue balloons in the background

These simple, beautiful party accessories added a little sparkle of joy for our chilly winter birthday festivities and I can’t wait to get my daughter the Butterfly set this summer.

Thanks to Bronwyn for sharing this write up and fantastic photos!

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