about lark

lark makes party planning that little bit easier.

Hi, I'm Anna! In the summer of 2020, just before my daughter's first birthday, I turned my attention to planning a small at-home celebration.

Truthfully, I have very conflicting feelings about party planning. Do I want to have a charming and fun celebration that my daughter will get a kick out of? Absolutely! But do I want to spend time and energy sourcing the cutest party supplies that give me a picture perfect party? Ummmm, not so much!

So I turned to my friend, the internet, to find out where I could find a kit of sorts. I wanted something that included all the the party essentials, something that was modern and a little bit special, and very importantly, something that would arrive at my doorstep in time for her birthday. This couldn't be too much to ask - could it? I found a few options, but most weren't quite to my taste, and many included a lot of extra items, meaning extra waste and cost.

Surely, I wondered, there must be a better way to do this? As it turns out, there is. Welcome to lark!